Keep Your Eyeglasses Looking & Feeling Like New

Keep Your Eyeglasses Looking & Feeling Like New

Our New OpticWash Machine Makes It Easy!

Exciting, right? We got it for You!

“They Were Clean When I Bought Them!?!”

You know the feeling. Not long after you got your beautiful new designer eyeglasses, one day you noticed they were smudged. You cleaned them but after doing that a few times, they never seem to look or feel as clean as when they were brand new.

Simple, Easy & Fast.

You’ll simply come in to the store, put your glasses in the machine, watch them get washed in two minutes, take them out and slip them back on. It’s awesome!

We want you to love your eyeglasses forever!

See you soon! Come check out new eyewear for 2022.

OpticWash Cards will make great gift cards!