Safety Glasses for Work & Play

Safety Eyeglasses for Work

Going hunting or work around a construction/industrial site?

Even if your eyesight is not impaired, protecting your eyes is very important when handling a firearm or even working in hazardous conditions. You want to make sure your eyes are protected from foreign material and that the frames or lenses don’t obscure your vision. We offer ANSI safety eyewear. Additionally, customize the tint of your glasses to compliment the lighting conditions you’re in. Come ask us how we can help you find the frames and lenses that keep your eyes/vision safe.

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Safety Eyeglasses for Hunting

Eye protection is important when firing a rifle

When engaging in hunting activities, it is crucial to prioritize and emphasize eye safety. Protecting your eyes from potential hazards should be a top concern. Always remember to wear appropriate eyewear, such as impact-resistant shooting glasses or goggles, to shield your eyes from flying debris, stray branches, and other projectiles that may cause injury.

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