Lindberg for kids - Fort Worth TX

Designer Eyewear for Kids

High Quality Eyewear for Kids

Think about how much time kids spend looking at screens, from phones, games, TV’s, and computers, that all emit blue-violet light. It’s never too early in their lives to start protecting their eyes. And we’ve got a great selection of glasses they’ll love.

Lindberg, pictured here, has a great collection of kids’ eyewear.

Whether your child needs some fashionable glasses for school or something durable and scratch-resistant for sports – We have a number of designer frames to choose from for any occasion.

Children’s Brands Include:

  • Lindberg
  • RayBan
  • Lafont
  • Oakley…Etc.

When it comes to our eyes, it’s best to start protecting them early. We offer BlueProtect to shield your child from the harmful blue-violet light given off by computers, tablets, TV screens and LEDs.