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An exquisite selection of Cartier sunglasses displayed on a chic stand, featuring bold black and elegant burgundy frames with the signature Cartier logo, showcasing high-end fashion eyewear.

A Legacy of Luxury in Every Frame at Fort Worth's ADAIREYEWEAR

Welcome to ADAIREYEWEAR, the pinnacle of luxury eyewear in Fort Worth. Our boutique, a cornerstone of elegance and sophistication, caters to those with a penchant for the finest designer glasses and sunglasses. As a family-owned and operated jewel in Texas, we take pride in offering an exclusive selection of luxury eyewear brands that exemplify the essence of style. Delve into our world where each frame reflects a commitment to personalized service, echoing the exclusivity you deserve. Discover luxury eyewear that redefines elegance here in the intimate ambiance of our beloved local store.

Where Luxury Eyewear Craftsmanship Meets Couture in Fort Worth, TX

At ADAIREYEWEAR, luxury is an experience that transcends the conventional. Our collection is a testament to meticulous selection, ensuring each piece embodies our unwavering standards of quality and innovation. From timeless eyewear classics to the latest designer eyewear masterpieces, we cater to the refined tastes of our Fort Worth clientele. Our passionate experts are here to guide you to the perfect pair that not only sharpens your vision but also amplifies your personal style. Embrace the legacy where craftsmanship intersects with fashion-forward vision, and luxury eyewear becomes an extension of your individuality.

our services

prescription lenses

Digital freeform single vision or progressive lenses that are manufactured with sophisticated technology and software.


Graphic icon of a pair of round eyeglasses with a connecting bridge, depicted in white lines on a purple background, representing eyewear fashion.

Assorted styles of ready-made reading glasses and sunglass readers for men and women whose eyes need a little help deciphering small print.


Line drawing of modern, wrap-around style sunglasses in white outline against a purple background, symbolizing stylish and contemporary eyewear design.

Our quality eyewear and lenses can be tailored to you and your needs. And if it is not fitting correctly, we have the expertise to adjust them.


Abstract graphic of white diagonal lines forming a circular pattern on a purple background, representing the EnChroma brand, known for enhancing color perception.

We even offer frames that are designed to address symptoms of red-green color blindness.

specialty lenses

Graphic representation of specialty eyeglass lenses with a pattern of multiple circles within the lens area, connected by a bridge, outlined in white on a purple background.

Need Rx lenses for your water goggles, scope, non-prescription, custom sunglass lenses, etc.? We’ve got you covered!


Graphic of round eyeglasses below a bottle with a cross symbol, from which cleaning spray is being applied, on a purple background, representing eyewear cleaning services.

Don’t damage your lenses with harsh products! Need lens cleaner, cleaning cloths, or have an Optiwash cleaning membership? Stop in today!.

This image is a black and white portrait of a joyful woman wearing Jacques Durand glasses. The glasses have a unique, bold rectangular frame with a thick bridge, highlighted by their light color against her dark attire. She has a shaved head, radiant smile, and is wearing a turtleneck and blazer, exuding a chic, modern vibe. Her earrings are small and circular, complementing her minimalist yet stylish look. The photograph captures her cheerful expression and the distinctive design of the eyewear, emphasizing both her personality and the fashion statement made by the glasses.

We Invite You to Experience Our Luxury Eyewear

To fully embrace the exquisite realm of luxury eyewear, we extend a personal invitation to ADAIREYEWEAR. Step into our Fort Worth boutique and immerse yourself in the artistry of fine eyewear, enhanced by personalized fittings and our experts’ guidance. Whether it’s to elevate your ensemble or to select that unparalleled gift, our doors are open, welcoming you to an experience as refined as our luxury eyewear collection. Visit ADAIREYEWEAR in Fort Worth, TX today and allow us to unveil your vision of luxury. ADAIREYEWEAR – A haven where elegance and exclusivity are not just promised; they are delivered.

Visit us today! No appointment necessary!

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