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Persol Eyeglasses & Sunglasses have been an iconic brand for decades. Their classic frames with the signature arrow have long been a favorite of our Fort Worth TX clients.

Persol men’s and women’s frames come in the traditional acetate and other premium materials like titanium and horn. Whichever you choose, you’ll love their fit and feel when you slip them on.

Men’s Persol Eyewear

Men know Persol adds a touch of cool to their personal style

Women’s Persol Frames

Women love Persol too. Great selection of eyewear style

Polarized Sunglasses

Persol eyewear can be ordered with polarized lenses

Steve McQueen in Persol Sunglasses

Steve McQueen & Persol

Two Great Icons of Cool Understated Style

Never the loudest or flashiest, Steve McQueen was still the coolest guy in the room. Movie star, race car drive, and pilot, every man in the 60’s wanted to be him.

Together, McQueen and Persol became iconic images of style that inspire today.

See Steve McQueen frames here

Prescription Persol Sunglasses

You’ll look great and see great with prescription lenses in your eyewear. Bring your prescription and we’ll either order them for your new glasses or will make them for you here. Either way, you’ll have the best lenses possible.

Men’s Persol Eyewear

Men’s frames range from quintessentially classic to strikingly modern, and featuring high-quality polarized lenses. Persol men’s sunglasses are made entirely by hand in Italy. They have long stood out for the quality of the materials used, and for iconic frames and models such as the Persol 649 and the timeless Steve McQueen™ 

Women’s Persol Eyewear

Eyeglasses for women are always in step with the latest trends. The results are unique collections, in which vintage frames for women are flanked by creations with more modern tastes.

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