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luxury & designer eyewear

iconic luxury

This image displays a pair of luxurious Cartier eyeglasses, showcasing a refined and elegant design. The frame is crafted from slender gold metal, featuring a distinctive octagonal shape that merges classic sophistication with a contemporary edge. Noteworthy details include the iconic Cartier logo subtly embossed on the hinges, and delicate engravings along the temple arms that enhance the frame’s exclusivity and high-end appeal. The clear, large lenses are perfectly fitted within the geometric frame, designed to offer both style and optical precision. The white background highlights the meticulous craftsmanship and golden sheen of the eyewear, emphasizing its status as a premium accessory for those with discerning taste.

Cartier | Maybach | Fred

high-end fashion

This image captures a close-up view of a sophisticated pair of eyeglasses featuring a glossy black, thick frame with a classic, slightly cat-eye shape. The standout feature of these glasses is the elegant gold accent on the temples, designed as a stylized hinge with an interlocking loop, giving a hint of luxury and refinement. This detail not only adds a decorative touch but also signifies the designer quality of the frame. The background is pure white, emphasizing the sleekness and polish of the glasses, making them a perfect accessory for fashion-forward individuals who appreciate a blend of contemporary and classic style in their eyewear.

Tom Ford | Gucci | Versace | Dior | Gigi | Loewe | Celine

exclusive craftsmanship

This image displays a pair of eyeglasses with a uniquely artistic and colorful frame. The frame features a vibrant and eclectic mix of patterns, incorporating various hues such as red, blue, green, and yellow, set against a beige base. This distinctive pattern makes the glasses not only a visual accessory but also a statement piece. The temples of the glasses have a natural wood finish, adding an element of organic texture and contrast to the colorful frame. The design is marked with the branding "FEB31st," indicating a focus on craftsmanship and originality. Set against a white background, the glasses are positioned to showcase their dynamic and unconventional style, appealing to those who appreciate eyewear as an expression of individuality and art.

Chrome Hearts | Feb 31st | Retrospecs

trendsetting & modern design

avant-garde & unique

This image displays a pair of avant-garde eyeglasses lying flat against a white background. The frames are thick and made from translucent turquoise acetate, giving them a vibrant and fresh look. The shape of the glasses is a unique octagonal, merging contemporary style with a hint of retro flair. The large, clear lenses suggest the frames are designed for fashion with a practical purpose, possibly offering the wearer a broad field of vision. These eyeglasses are modern, yet timeless, appealing to those who favor bold, statement accessories.
Kuboraum | LA Eyework | Jaques Durand | Henau | Veronika Widgruber | Dutz | Nina Mur | Sabine Be | T Henri | Coexist | Gaston | Matttew | Cazal | Dita

innovative concepts

This image features a close-up of a pair of sophisticated eyeglasses with a minimalistic and innovative design. The frame is made from a thin, gold metal that outlines the top of the clear, round lenses, while the bottom half remains rimless, adding a modern and sleek look. A distinctive feature is the additional support bar above the bridge, providing both structural integrity and a stylish element. The temple arms, finished in black at the tips for comfort, contribute to the overall elegance of the glasses. Set against a white background, the design emphasizes simplicity and functionality, appealing to those who appreciate refined eyewear with a contemporary touch.

Lindberg | Mykita | Gotti

luxury jewels & embellishments

This image showcases an exquisite pair of eyeglasses that blend opulence with functionality. The frame is predominantly black with a classic oval shape, crafted from high-quality acetate for a sleek and polished look. The standout feature of these glasses is the luxurious gold embellishment along the temples, intricately detailed and studded with a row of sparkling crystals. This embellishment adds a glamorous touch, making the glasses not just a vision accessory but a statement piece of jewelry. The contrasting materials and the blend of simplicity with luxury make these glasses ideal for those who appreciate eyewear that serves as a focal point of sophistication and style. The white background enhances the vividness of the golden accents and the clarity of the crystals, highlighting their meticulous craftsmanship.


sport & performance eyewear

active lifestyle

This image features a close-up view of a sleek, modern sports eyewear design. The sunglasses have a streamlined, wrap-around style with a semi-rimless frame that is predominantly white with black accents near the temples. The lenses are large and curved, providing extensive coverage and protection, and they have a gradient tint that transitions from darker at the top to lighter at the bottom. This design is ideal for active lifestyles, offering both functionality and a contemporary aesthetic suitable for sports and outdoor activities. The background is pure white, emphasizing the clean lines and the dynamic look of the eyewear.

Maui Jim | Oakley | Costa Del Mar | WileyX | Rudy Project

classic & timeless

heritage brands

This image features a pair of elegant, vintage-inspired eyeglasses that blend classic design with a touch of modernity. The frames are round with a sophisticated dual-tone scheme: the lower half is crafted from translucent acetate showcasing a delicate marbled pattern, while the upper half boasts a sleek, metallic finish embellished with subtle engravings of letters, likely denoting the brand. The ornate temples are thin, golden, and end in black earpieces, providing a comfortable fit. This design exemplifies traditional craftsmanship and timeless style, ideal for those who appreciate eyewear that makes a refined and distinguished statement. The background is pure white, emphasizing the intricate details and luxury aesthetic of the frames.

Ray Ban | Persol | Matsuda | Moscot | Randolph Engineering | Lunor | Morgenthal | Oliver Peoples

elegant simplicity

This image features a pair of sophisticated eyeglasses with a classic round frame design. The frames are crafted from high-quality acetate with a tortoiseshell pattern in shades of brown and black, enhanced with elegant gold accents along the bridge and the upper part of the rims. This design combines a timeless aesthetic with a touch of modern elegance, making these glasses suitable for both formal and casual settings. The clear, large round lenses promise a wide field of vision, catering to both style and functionality. The white background serves to highlight the intricate details and rich colors of the frames.

Krewe du Optic | Face à Face, Caroline Abram | Linda Farrow | Lafont

niche & specialty


This image showcases a pair of specialized eyeglasses designed for color vision correction, prominently featuring a matte black frame with ergonomic design for comfortable wear. The lenses are notable for their striking violet tint, which aids in enhancing color perception for colorblind individuals. The sleek, sporty style of the frame, combined with the advanced lens technology, makes these glasses not only a functional tool for those with color vision deficiencies but also a stylish accessory. The background is pure white, emphasizing the vibrant color and clarity of the lenses.



This image features a pair of elegant black eyeglasses, demonstrating a sophisticated design suitable for reading glasses. The frames are sleek, crafted from high-quality acetate with a smooth, glossy finish that enhances their refined appearance. The standout detail is a small, tasteful embellishment on the upper corner of one side of the frames, which consists of a cluster of tiny Swarovski crystals. This subtle yet luxurious addition adds a touch of sparkle and distinction, making the glasses not only functional for reading but also a fashionable accessory. The branding "Caviar" is discreetly placed on the lens, indicating the luxury and quality associated with the brand. The white background of the image emphasizes the clean lines and chic aesthetics of the glasses, appealing to those who appreciate a blend of classic style and contemporary elegance in their eyewear.

 Eyebobs, Izipi, Visualites, Maui Jim Sunglass Readers


This image features a pair of stylish children's eyeglasses with a unique round frame design. The glasses have a playful tortoiseshell pattern with splashes of black, beige, and ivory. A striking red band runs across the top of the frame, emblazoned with the words "mini be.. French design," indicating the brand and its origin. The eyeglasses are positioned flat against a pure white background, emphasizing their colorful and vibrant design, ideal for a young wearer looking to add a touch of fun and fashion to their daily wear.

Oakley | Sabine Be | RayBan | Nike | Lindberg