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Portrait of a woman with shoulder-length wavy blonde hair, wearing clear round glasses with a thin metallic frame. She has a subtle smile and is dressed in a black blazer over a white blouse, set against a beige textured background.

MOSCOT Eyewear is a brand steeped in history and tradition, known for its iconic designs and timeless appeal. Established in New York City in 1915 by Hyman Moscot, the brand has remained a fixture in the eyewear industry for over a century, evolving with the times while staying true to its roots.

At the heart of MOSCOT’s philosophy lies a commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Each pair of glasses is meticulously crafted using the finest materials and artisanal techniques, ensuring superior comfort, durability, and style. From hand-polished acetate frames to precision-engineered hinges, every detail is carefully considered to create frames that not only look great but also stand the test of time.

What sets MOSCOT Eyewear apart is its timeless aesthetic and unmistakable style. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant energy of New York City and the brand’s rich heritage, MOSCOT frames exude a sense of effortless cool and urban sophistication. Whether it’s the classic design of the iconic Lemtosh frame or the retro-inspired charm of the Nebb, each style is a modern interpretation of vintage classics, blending nostalgia with contemporary flair.

Headquartered in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, MOSCOT draws inspiration from the eclectic mix of cultures, art, and fashion that defines New York City. Here, amidst the bustling streets and vibrant neighborhoods, the brand’s iconic designs come to life, resonating with individuals who appreciate timeless style and authentic craftsmanship.

With a global presence that spans across continents, MOSCOT Eyewear can be found in select boutiques and optical shops in major cities worldwide. From New York to Tokyo, London to Paris, fashion-forward individuals everywhere turn to MOSCOT for frames that embody the perfect fusion of heritage, style, and quality.

MOSCOT Eyewear stands as a testament to enduring style and craftsmanship. With its rich history, timeless designs, and unwavering commitment to quality, MOSCOT invites you to embrace your individuality and express your unique style with frames that are as timeless as they are stylish.

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