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Tom Ford Eyewear

Tom Ford Eyewear

Tom Ford eyewear and sunglasses offer a bold, sleek and definitely new and stylish look.  They make a statement to others that says, “I’m serious, in style and have a little larceny in me…deal with it!”   But don’t worry…it’s all in fun.

When people come to our designer eyewear store in Fort Worth, TX looking for eyewear to punch up their image with a little classic, a little edgy and a lot of bold, we show them Tom Ford eyewear and sunglasses.   They’re not for the person who’s trying to blend in to the woodwork because others will notice them right away.

That doesn’t mean Tom Ford frames are over the top or garish.  But they’re made to be seen with what can appear to be a thicker frame.  The T shapped (T for Tom?)  metal insert in the ear peice that wraps around to the front of the frame is an attractive and distinctive feature of Tom  Ford Eyewear.

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Women Love Tom Ford Too!

Tom Ford makes great looking eyeglass frames and we love putting our high-index, top quality lenses in them to make the best eyeglasses in Fort Worth.  Of course, Tom Ford sunglasses are here in our eyewear boutique in Fort Worth,  and yes, we can add prescription lenses to them.

Come by and see us, try on Tom Ford and some other great designer eyewear brands.  If Tom Ford is too bold, you’ll like something by Oliver Peoples, Lindberg or another of the many top name designer eyewear brands we carry.