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Designer Sunglasses in Southlake TX

Southlake TX – Designer sunglasses can put the Texas sun in its place and make a make a fashion statement while doing it. Our Southlake TX customers enjoy the wonderful feeling of putting on a great pair of sunglasses.  For driving, playing golf, hunting, fishing, a leisurely walk around the neighborhood, a high-quality sunglass frame with an excellent lens makes them forget the heat.  Well, almost.  It’s a great start anyway. 🙂

Some of our more popular brands include Maui Jim of course, with their great lenses.  And Ray Ban, and yes, we have Wayfarer, Clubmaster and the other Ray-Ban frames.  Of course we have Oakley, which, like all our brands, can be fitted with prescription lenses.  

Many of our Southlake eyewear customers love high-end brands like Cartier, Fred, DIOR and other top fashion sunglass brands. Beauty, style and function combine for the best in sunglasses. (Looking for eyeglasses? Click here)

Every great eyewear brand makes a sunglass frame.  Many of our clients like having one pair in the car and another for a specific activity, like golf or fishing.  Taking a walk.  For those who need progressive lenses, we can design the lens for what you want to do.  A pair of sunglasses with progressive lenses, but only a small zone for reading along the bottom edge might be perfect for you.  But for fishing, a bigger zone for tying a fly while standing in the river might be better.  Of course you’ll need polarized sunglasses for seeing the cutthroat trout swimming by.

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A common question is “can you get me prescription sunglasses made by Maui Jim, or Ray-Ban, or Oakley?”  The answer is yes.  We fit you in the frame you want, then order the lenses from the manufacturer with your prescription specs, then fine tune the fit for you when they arrive.  Custom, designer sunglasses, perfect for you and what you need.  Easy and wonderful.

Ray Ban Sunglasses – Southlake TX

Ray-Ban Sunglasses in Southlake TX from Adair Eyewear.

Ray Ban Sunglasses are a common site around the Southlake Town Center. But so are Maui Jim’s and Oakley sunglasses. Of course we carry those brands and can fill them with prescription lenses. A great brand for outdoor sports is our Serengeti Sunglasses. Come in and try them on.

It’s no wonder why: Ray Ban sunglasses look great, feel wonderful and have fantastic lenses, too. Perfect for men and women. We carry their great models: Wayfarer, Clubmaster, Predator and others.

Maui Jim Sunglasses – Southlake TX

Maui Jim Sunglasses in Southlake TX from Adair Eyewear

The next time country music star, Dustin Lynch is in town, keep an eye out for him in Maui Jim Sunglasses.

Southlake TX customers also love Maui Jim’s with their great lenses…which we can get made with prescription lenses if you like. You’ll like them either way.

Prada Sunglasses – Southlake TX

Prada sunglasses in Southlake TX from Adair Eyewear

Prada Sunglasses in Southlake TX make an unmistakable statement: I love fashion!

Not to mention style, uniqueness, standing out from the crowd, great sunglass frames and high-quality lenses.

Enough said.

Designer Sunglasses for All Occasions – Southlake TX

Wiley X Sunglasses in Southlake TX from Adair Eyewear.

We make great sunglasses for all occasions. For everyday wear, we have a pair for you that’s perfect for taking walks, driving and a back-yard cookout. But also for sports, like fishing, golf and hunting.

Tell us what you need, we’ll make them for you. We can’t wait!

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