Going Hunting?

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Better Vision Has A Great Post On What You Might Look For In Hunting Frames/Lenses.
Read Excerpts From It Below.

What Are The Right Frames For Hunting?

Small frames look good and are fashionable, but make sure you choose larger frames for your hunting glasses. This makes it easier to look through the riflescope – especially when you need to act fast. The frames should not impair your sight, especially around the upper rim of the lenses. You also need to make sure that the frames are compatible with the headgear you wear for hunting and that the frames sit perfectly! It’s not just annoying but even dangerous if your glasses are too heavy or slide down your nose. Strapped sports glasses can also be a big help.

The material for the frames should be robust and as durable as possible. This is also true for the lenses themselves – make sure you choose sturdy plastic lenses so that the recoil from the rifle or branches in the underbrush don’t damage the lenses.

What Lens Coating Should You Choose?

A premium anti-reflective coating is important to prevent irritating reflections on the lens. If you’re out hunting at night, clear lenses are advantageous because they make your surroundings crystal-clear.

Your plastic lenses should have the best hard coating possible. This makes your glasses more durable and helps them last longer when you’re out in the forest.

There’s been a lot of discussion in hunting and shooting circles about tinted lenses. The following colors are generally preferred:

  • yellow (in bad or diffuse light or when it’s cloudy)
  • vermilion (for better 3D vision)
  • orange (in twilight, for hunting in the underbrush)
  • bronze or gold (for better contrast)
  • purple (for attenuating green backgrounds)

Generally, the effects of tints vary from person to person. There’s no hard and fast rule except that you should feel at home with the color you choose.

Find an eye care professional you trust and discuss your vision requirements when hunting, your vision problems and typical viewing distances. The more you tell your doctor, the better optimized your glasses will be. Ideally, your doctor already has experience with glasses for hunters.

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