Too Far For You? No Problem…

…we can ship your eyewear to you! We do it all the time. Some clients don’t even live that far away but would rather we ship their finished eyeglasses to them.

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Adair Eyewear serving all of Fort Worth Dallas and Texas
Owner Alyce Adair Jones and Managing Optician Robert Perez of Adair Eyewear

Come see us!

We’re located near the museum and entertainment district in Fort Worth. That’s just west of downtown, on 7th Street. If you know where the big intersection of University and 7th is, you’re almost there. Just up the hill as 7th Street fades into the historic areas of Fort Worth.

You may want to come here, then grab lunch and even visit the Kimball or Modern Museums. Or maybe some bbq is enough to make it a great day.

We look forward to seeing you here!

Alyce Adair Jones and Robert Perez

Driving Directions to Adair Eyewear

Here are easy driving directions, right to our boutique.