Adair Eyewear has and will continue to be a reflection of each customer we come across.

Lighter in weight than previous frames I’ve owned. Both the frames and the lenses are featherweight, which is a feat considering the strength of my prescription.

Johnica R

I needed a pair of glasses to use at the firing range. When you get to the age of not being able to focus on close up items, i.e. hard sights on a rifle,  reading, yada yada yada….then something needs to be done. What I needed was a custom pair of “shooter glasses.” Adair Eyewear accomodated me just fine, as I tried more than a few optical shops that just could not do “custom” work. I can now sight in a rifle with reflex red dot, as well as the hard sights, I can read what I write down, and I can see perfectly fine in distance as well. All in one pair of glasses! Great job Adair!

Jon M. Underwood

Adair is by far one of the best eye glass places I have ever been!!!! They entire team including Alyce, Robert, and Melanie are sooo amazing!! They were knowledgeable and extremely helpful during the entire process! They made my glasses dream come true! A huge thank you to the entire team!!!

Marchita Camacho

KILLER FRAMES! Alyce and her team never miss on perfect lenses and fitting you with great looking frames. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Marilyn McNabb Gilbert

What a pleasure. Top notch place to invest in high quality eye wear. The awesome staff are pleasant, knowledgeable, and go the extra mile to make sure you leave satisfied. I will be back! Thanks guys.

Paddle Brad

They are the best in the business…they kind and attentive to your needs! Hightly recommend then!

Phil Shepherd

Awesome.. great selection.. I found the perfect pair of sunglasses for my son.. I wanted every pair of sunglasses available but I was able to narrow down my search to an awesome, stylist pair..I plan on returning to replace my frames.. Thank you!!

Tahira Dragon

The ONLY place I shop for designer eyewear!! Customer service is always above and beyond…

Tracey R. Holbert
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