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Your Eyeglass Prescription: Experience Matters

Written by: melanie

If you’re like most people, you head to an optical retail store and pick your frame first.  Does the frame look attractive?  Do you suddenly feel like you should be a moderator on CNN?  But here’s the real question:  how will your lenses work with that frame?

In this case, a customer relied on the staff at an optical retail store to help choose the frame, and this was the result.  Due to the prescription, the lenses were much thicker than the frame, so they were left with the not-so-attractive Coke bottle effect.  The customer had no idea the lens and frame would look like this.

Here’s what we were able to do with the same prescription.  Our blue frame and lens are on the bottom:

Frame and Glasses












When it comes to eyewear, experience matters.  At Adair Eyewear, we have over 38 years of aiding our customers in selecting appropriate eyewear and filling their prescriptions.  We analyze everything about the prescription; what their prescription will look like and how thin or thick the lens should be.  The truth is, shapes and sizes are critical in making a selection for our customers.

We’re here to help.  Let our experience help you look your best!

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