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What your sunglass lenses say about you…

Written by: melanie

Sometimes I dye my own lenses and I do it purely for the cosmetic look…

But tinted lenses can do more than just look good. One client came in and got a custom tint with Blue Mirror on the front and Anti-Reflective Coating put on the back of her Tom Ford Sunglasses.  True, the mirror made the lenses look awesome!…but what does the A/R on the back do?  Does the tint really make a difference?

Well, that shiny blue coating that no one can see but you on the back of your lenses…keeps glare from bouncing back into your eyes that is coming in behind the frame. She wanted a gray lens to see “true color.” And the mirror reflects the glare directed towards your eyes through the front lens. Basically her frame had all the bells and whistles of a good looking Tom Ford Sunglass with top of the line eye protection for her active/relaxing life in the sun.  What did this sunglass say about her?…This woman has style, loves quality with an added dose of practicality, and can’t resist a little fun in the sun! Next time I’ll get a picture so you can see.

If you don’t want to do all the bells and whistles but want a sunglass lens color to fit your lifestyle here is a cheat sheet to help you decide what lens colors you might need.

The Difference Between Tinted Lens Colors

From 20/20 Mag: "Get Out of the Dark about New Sun Lens Technologies..." By Mark Mattison-Shupnick, ABOM

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