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The Technology Behind Your Lenses

Written by: melanie

If it’s been awhile since you’ve updated your glasses, you might be pleasantly surprised by the technology that has improved today’s lenses.

For those of you who need glasses to see near and far – without that irritating line in the lens – you’ve

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probably been introduced to progressive lenses.  The Varilux Physio W3 offers a patented “binocular booster” that uses the prescription from both eyes to calculate the lenses as a pair, allowing your eyes to work together for better vision.  Because of this advancement, this lens eliminates some of the jump imaging you get when you have somewhat different prescriptions from eye to eye.

This is just one of several examples of how technology has improved lenses.  If you’re having trouble seeing clearly through your glasses, make sure you see your optometrist for a thorough eye exam.

Once that’s done, stop by and visit us.  We not only sell fashionable, designer frames, we also craft your lenses in-house by lens makers who have years of experience.  We only use high index plastic, including the Varliux Physio W3, which allows us to make thin, lightweight lenses that allow light to bend more efficiently.

It’s all about your comfort and giving you the best vision possible – whether you wear eyeglasses, readers or sunglasses.

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