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Sunglasses That Fit Your Life (Really!)

Written by: melanie

Ever notice how one pair of sunglasses just doesn’t seem like enough? But what’s the alternative when you’re heading out to play golf, ride your Harley, or you just want to see more clearly at dusk?

Switch SunglassesA new brand of sunglasses called Switch is the solution you’ve been looking. For the first time, they’ve created an interchangeable lens system using magnets. Their Magnetic Interchange Lens System has high-energy magnets embedded in the lens and the frame – allowing you to quickly and easily change the lenses to suit the light and your needs.

The lenses come in just about any color you can imagine including, clear, yellow, rose, amber, brown, gray, violet, blue, and green. Each lens can handle your prescription, and all lenses – whether prescription or non-prescription – are polarized to protect UV rays from hitting your eyes.

The frames come in various shapes and colors, and all meet ANSI safety standards. With your frame purchase, you get two sets of lenses: gray (which is perfect for bright days) and amber (for dusk or cloudy days). From there, you can add as many lenses as you need for sports and occupational needs.

If you enjoy the outdoors and all that it encompasses, get the interchangeable sunglasses from Switch to protect your eyes. If you’d like to see how easy and convenient this system is, stop by any time.

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