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Prescription Eyeglasses Are Not a Crime of Fashion

Written by: Mike Wafer

They’re an Opportunity to Step Up Your Style

Prescription Eyeglasses in Fort WorthEyewear Frames have become an essential apparel accessory for many eyeglass wearers. Just as luxury shoes, clothes, writing pens and jewelry are very carefully selected for enhancing ones visual appeal, so is name brand eyewear.  Prescription eyeglasses are no longer a crime of fashion!

Eyeglass frames designed and made by the best fashion labels in the industry are now regarded as much of a vogue statement as any other accessory. If a person takes pride in wearing a watch by Tag Heuer, a dress by Tom Ford or a suit by Boss, they also proudly wear eyeglass frames by those same fashion designers.

More Than Just a Fancy Name

Don’t be fooled, these are not the same as the lower quality eyeglass frames available at an economy eyeglass store. They’re created with rare metals, exotic wood, and other unique and better materials. Even the plastic used is of a superior grade.

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The craftsmanship can by very intricate as well. A walk past our display will reveal rimless frames uniquely constructed, perhaps with fishing line invisibly holding the lens in place. Or one with a complex connection between the ear piece and the frame.  Look around the streets of Fort Worth.  Prescription eyeglasses made of quality materials are everywhere.

The superior quality is can be easily seen, but it’s also quite apparent to anyone the instant they slip them on. They just feel better, sort of like a cashmere sweater feels of a higher quality.

But with better quality comes higher prices. High-end eyeglasses tend to cost more than economy glasses.

Fashion Isn’t Just For the Ladies

Men may not like to admit it, but they like fashion as well. They’ll brood over what kind of pen to carry, which footwear look best, where to purchase clothes that reflect the individual view they have of themselves.

But don’t think they’ll admit to being trend minded because they’ll tell you you’re crazy. But then they’ll start talking about getting the “right look” for their face and appearing “with it” as they try on different frames.

There’s no question, Fort Worth men really enjoy wearing high quality eyewear.

Get High Style in the Sun

Making a fashion statement with prescription eyeglasses in Fort Worth doesn’t end when stepping outdoors.

Prescription sunglasses are another chance to express oneself. If eyeglasses tend to show more the serious side of someone’s personalty, designer sunglasses are an opportunity to reveal more of the outgoing, more fun, less serious side.

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While prescription sunglasses may be the more fun side of eyeglasses, they actually perform an important function. Designer, high-end sunglasses usually have better lenses, most often with protective coatings that block the sun’s ultra violet rays, which can cause permanent eye damage. A perfect example of the superior form and function of better eyeglasses.

A Prescription for Fashion

There was a time when the requirement for prescription eyewear in Fort Worth meant looking nerdy. But now, it’s an opportunity to add a new layer of style to your personal image.

When a gentleman puts on an Lindberg frame, it adds fashion and an element of good taste to his overall look. When a woman adds a beautiful Versace frame to her attire, she enjoys the same joy as when she puts a new designer dress in her closet.

So, do you have to get new prescription eyeglasses?  Great! Its a chance step up your style!

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