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Oakley Sunglasses Are Popular in Fort Worth

Monday, March 26th, 2012

They’re Made Tough, Designed for Action…and Look Very Cool!

Oakley Sunglasses are the most poplar brand of sunglasses we carry. And for good reason. They have great design, they’re made of high quality materials and they look great.

The companies founder, Jim Jannard, who named the company after his dog, an English Setter, began the business by making motocross grips.

Oakley Designer Sunglasses

Oakley Designer Sunglasses

Oakley’ sunglasses evolved from their motocross and ski goggles they made in the early 80’s. Oakley has extremely high testing procedures that guarantee every model they introduce is of the highest quality. The lenses in particular are are tested to high standards.

Their popularity in the world of sports is only natural. From it’s beginnings in the motocross world, then spreading into the skiing industry, they’ve grown into every sport since. A major reason is lenses which are tough and shatter proof.

Oakley eyewear is very popular among military and law enforcement agencies. The impact resistance and rigid design standards are the primary reason, but the tough appearance is major factor as well.

Celebrities like them. Movie, TV and music stars wear them out of choice and due to endorsement deals. Denzel Washington and Tom Cruise wore them to with great style in recent movies.

If you have perfect vision, you can buy them right off our shelf. But if you require prescription lenses, you’re in luck too. We can order them, according to your prescription requirements. You just need to give us a current eye exam prescription, pick out your favorite Oakley sunglasses and we’ll do the rest.

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Oakley sunglasses are categorized by active, golf and for women. We carry all of them so come by and see us!

Places You’ll See Oakley Sunglasses in Fort Worth

Look around, you’ll see Oakley sunglasses everywhere in Fort Worth. The policeman directing traffic, golfers teeing off on any golf course, men and women driving down Camp Bowie or walking into restaurants on 7th and hundreds of other places. Many have Oakley prescription sunglasses. Fort Worth loves Oakley sunglasses!

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