Eye Doctors in Fort Worth

 Where to Get an  Eye Exam

Although we do not perform eye exams here at Adair Eyewear, we are proud to present the names and contact information of these accomplished Fort Worth eye doctor professionals.

Many eye doctors in Fort Worth refer their patients to us knowing we will make them the finest eyeglasses in the city.  We create high-end eyewear made from designer frames and the best lens materials and design. That means the client gets eyeglasses that are both high-fashion and high-tech for a great eyeglass experience.

Our clients bring their eye exam prescription to us…and we do the rest!

We recommend the following Fort Worth eye doctors for your convenience, although you may certainly use any eye doctor you like:

Fort Worth Optometrists:

Dr. Richard H. Le, O.D.
2112 Green Oaks Rd, Suite B
Fort Worth, TX 76116
(located on outskirt of Ridgmar Mall)
(817) 738-9600

Fort Worth Optometrist

Fort Worth Optometrist

Dr. Gloria L. Hentz, O.D.

Metroplex Eye Care
301 Carroll St.
Fort Worth, TX  76107
(located inside Target)
(817) 877-3937

Fort Worth Ophthalmologists:

Dr. Judson P Smith,M.D.
Comprehensive Ophthalmology
417 West Magnolia Avenue
Fort Worth Texas 76104
(817) 338-4081

Ophthalmology Associates
1201 Summit Avenue
For Worth, Texas  76102
(817) 332-2020


Common Questions & Answers

Why do our customers go to an eye doctor and then come to us?

The simplest explanation is simply one word: Fashion!   As Fort Worth’s choice for high-end eyewear, we have a reputation for  providing our clients a higher level of fashion and style than what they can get at the bargain, economy oriented optical stores.

Are we a discount eyewear store that offers 2-for-1 type deals?
No. We are a high-end fashion boutique for eyewear where people pick from exclusive designer brands to achieve a desired image.

Do we take insurance?
No. Our clients choose fashion choices and higher quality eyeglasses over economy. They know they will pay more for better eyewear frames and better eyeglass lenses and a better eyewear experience overall.

7 Facts From Fort Worth Eye Doctors

1.  Allow two to three hours after an eye exam for your eyes to return to normal.   The eye exam will require your eyes to be dilated and only time will bring them back to the point where you can focus on small print.  While any Fort Worth eye doctor will tell you this, some forget to emphasize at the time of the eye exam.

2.  UV rays from the sun can and will cause damage to your eyes.  Get good sunglasses with UV protection.  Eye doctors in Fort Worth highly recommend wearing them anytime you are outdoors, even on overcast days.   Protection now will save your eyesight in the future.

3.  Don’t be afraid of the dark.  Or at least reading in dim light.  Contrary to popular opinion, reading under less than a 100 watt bulb will not cause damage to your eyes.  You may get a headache, but no damage.

4.   Polarized lenses are great for sunglasses.  However, don’t expect to be able to read information on your iPhone or any led device with them.   The same technology that allows you to see the trout under the waters surface is also what makes the screen of your device look funny.  Fort Worth eye doctors often have to remind their patients with polarized lenses not to drive and read your smart phone for two reasons:  one, you can’t with polarized lenses and two, it’s highly dangerous to you and other people!

5.  Only use tissue paper to clean your glasses…if you want to scratch them up!  It’s better to look around the smudges on your lenses until you find either a cloth designed for cleaning lenses or something very smooth like silk.  Any Fort Worth eye doctor will have a lens cloth available for you to buy, and maybe even a sample or two.  Be sure to ask.

6.  Beware of eye drops!  No, not your basic Visine type for a little normal eye irritation.   Don’t reach into your medicine cabinet and pull out the steroid eye drops you used last year for pink eye.  You may have an infection that needs a doctors care and the steroid drops may be just the wrong thing to use.  Eye doctors have horror stories about that… and you don’t want to be the subject of them.

7. Get an eye exam once a year.  Why?  Just to keep your local Fort Worth eye doctor in business?  No, so that eye diseases, that don’t show any prior symptoms, don’t have the opportunity to take hold and spread and become more serious than if they were caught early.

Wikipedia for  more information about eye doctors:  Eye Doctors Info

AMA for more information about eye doctors:  AMA