Retrospecs Vintage Gold Eyewear Frames –
Restored & Registered

Available at Adair Eyewear in Fort Worth

Retrospecs at Adair Eyewear in Fort Worth, TX

Retrospecs collects original eyewear frames made out of 12K gold-filled wire from the 1920’s to the 1960’s.  Their archive holds more than 3,000 designs made by over 15 different manufacturers.  They’re available to you at Adair Eyewear in Fort Worth.

Imagine putting on a pair of eyeglasses in their original 1929 mint condition.  They feel as elegant as the gold they’re made of.  They fit perfectly and look like gold jewelry for the eyes.  Actually, you don’t have to imagine.  You can come by and try them on!


These valuable vintage frames aren’t just polished up a little along with a tweak to unbend a temple here and there.  They go through a restoration process that required new machinery to be invented.  On staff at Retrospecs is an engineer that worked 25 years for Shuron and Artcraft Optical during their peak years.

He custom designed more than 15 machines that has enabled RetroSpecs to restore almost any gold-filled frame to its original condition.  The machines handle the soldering, swaging, milling, straightening, bending and curling that make Retrospecs eyewear like new.


Every antique frame that comes to the Retrospecs headquarters receives a Registration number. This number is recorded in the bridge and temples.   A unique Registered is stamped on a card to be given to the customer to insure future service.


Early Modern

Early ModernCirca 1910- 1950 1/10 12k Gold Filled Wire Frames





Late Modern

Late ModernCirca 1910- 1950 1/10 12k Gold Filled and plastic Combination Frames






VintageCirca 1970-1999 Gold Plated and zyl






SpecialtyCirca 1910- 1950 1/10 12k Gold Filled unique designs and rare pieces solid gold nose pads.





Buffalo Horn Inlay

Buffalo HornThis timeless connection is milled from the finest south indian horn