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Porsche Design is a very unique brand of sunglasses we carry in our eyewear boutique in Fort Worth.   They look great, but their created with function in mind.  They’re engineered more than simply designed.   They’re definitely a luxury, but one with a great sense of purpose.

The distinctive clean, linear shape comes from the function and purpose.   Only the best materials are used for the making each pair of eyewear. In the truest sense of the phrase, Porsche Design glasses and sunglasses are a pure example of “form meets function”.  They’re a classic example of timeless aesthetics and modern design.   And in the tradition of Porsche Design, they’re built with passion and with performance in mind.

Come by and see them in our Fort Worth, TX eyewear shop on West 7th Street, near the museums!

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Vintage Porsche Design and Carrera Porsche Design Sunglasses are available in many colors and styles at Adair Eyewear in Fort Worth.