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Oliver Peoples Eyewear
Seriously In Style

Oliver Peoples Eyewear in Fort Worth at Adair Eyewear

Oliver Peoples O’Malley

When a customer comes in to our designer eyewear boutique in Fort Worth and tells us they want something conservative, traditional…not modern and edgy, but still want to look contemporary and definitely in style, one of the first brands we show them is Oliver Peoples eyewear and sunglasses.

Like no other eyewear brand, Oliver Peoples manages to add the best of the past, think Gregory Peck in To Kill a Mockingbird, to current style trends to make distinguished, understated and modern eyewear.  Exactly what the customer wanted.  And that’s why we sell lots of Oliver Peoples eyewear in our eyewear boutique in Fort Worth.

Many Frames to Choose From

We carry many Oliver Peoples models, so please come by our shop on West 7th Street and take a look, try them on and see if it’s what you’re looking for.  A popular frame is the O’Malley, shown to the right.

It’s a classic Oliver Peoples look.  Other models have a modern-but-current look as well, like the Grayson, which has been described as a Clark Kent look.  Hmmm, what powers do the people who wear them have?

Amanda Randolph Hearst Goes Home With Oliver Peoples

Oliver Peoples Gets a California Flair

Amanda Hearst in Oliver Peoples

Oliver Peoples introduced their new 2014 line of eyewear by sending Amanda Hearst to her great-grandfathers house, the Hearst Mansion, with a photographer and all the new frames.  The new line looks great and she looks awesome wearing them.  Click here to see them…

Don’t forget you can get them and the traditional Oliver Peoples eyewear and sunglasses in Fort Worth, TX right here at Adair Eyewear!


Oliver Peoples Eyewear in Fort Worth, TX at Adair Eyewear