Caviar Eyewear & Sunglasses in Fort Worth, TX

Want To Be Memorable?
You’ll Love Caviar Eyewear!

Caviar Eyewear and Sunglasses in Fort Worth at Adair Eyewear

Think of Caviar Eyewear & Sunglasses the same as you would a necklace, earrings, beautiful clothes and anything else you wear, carry or drive knowing people will notice. And remember.

That’s what Caviar eyewear frames are all about. They’re made to make you feel great and look fabulous…and you will! Made from wood and Austrian crystal, they come in different styles to please men and women who want something more than simple eyewear frames.

So, put them on and prepare to be memorable!

Women’s Caviar Eyewear

We carry many frames and here are just a few:

Men’s Eyewear

Caviar Sunglasses


Caviar Eyewear & Sunglasses Dealer in Fort Worth, TX

Adair Eyewear is your dealer for Caviar Eyewear and Sunglasses as well as the other top brands of designer eyewear.  We take pride in giving the best in customer service and building the best eyewear in Fort Worth and Dallas.  Come see us soon!