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Written by: Mike Wafer

See My Local Fort Worth Optometrist…Again?

Do we really have to do it?  Well, actually, yes, we do!

Even if you’re not thinking of getting new Versace frames with thin and light lenses or new Maui Jim prescription sunglasses, which are amazing, just so you know, you really need to see your Fort Worth optometrist for several important reasons:

1. You all of a sudden have more tears for no reason. You’re not sad, you’re not watching tear-jerker movie or Oprah making a celebrity cry. You just suddenly have more eye watering.  This could be a problem and you need to let your Fort Worth optometrist take a look…before it escalates into a big issue.

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2. Routine, meaning annual, eye exams can help prevent eye diseases and issues before they get out of hand. So you catch it early and treat it quick.

3. Things are drifting around in your eyes. They look like hairs or little squiggly things that move around when your eyes change their focus. It may not be anything, or, if you have lot’s of “floaters”, it might be something more serious. Why wonder? Go see your optometrist in Fort Worth now and have it checked.

4. You realize your “new” eyeglasses are yellow with age, the frames are held together with glue and a prayer and you look 20 years out of date. This is a serious condition known as “you need new glasses”. See your trusted high-end eyewear boutique right away.

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Fort Worth Optometrist: Specialist or Optical Store?

Designer Eyewear in Fort Worth from Adair Eyewear The main purpose of any optometrist is for giving eye examinations and the treatment for eye problems. Some will add the business of selling eyewear to their practice. This is helpful to those who want a one-stop optical store, need to use insurance and need more economical oriented glasses.

Our customers, however, want more fashion eyewear choices. They know they’ll cost more than the economy oriented eyewear, but just as they prefer nicer clothes and shoes, watches and jewelry,  and other things in their life, they also prefer designer eyewear.

If you also want more fashion choices in eyewear, come see us!  But first, if you want us to get started creating new high-end eyeglasses (and you’re willing to say goodbye to the old worn out pair), you’ll need to see your Fort Worth optometrist and get that darn eye exam!

Remember, we don’t do eye exams here…but here again is our Recommended Fort Worth Optometrists

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