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The Buzz on Our Lenses?   Thin & Light!

That means you get light-weight eyeglasses with crystal clear vision at any distance

Best Lenses in Fort Worth

Better Lenses Mean Better Vision

Our clients want quality as well as fashion.  Thin and light lenses help us deliver it.  For many, it’s enough to know by simply coming to Adair Eyewear they’re getting the best and everything else is just details.

But some people like to peek under the hood, so to speak.  With that in mind, here’s a brief look at Adair lens materials.

Remember, we’ll help guide you through all this when we meet with you, but here’s a simple overview of optical lenses you may choose from.

By the way, superior lenses is why Fort Worth eye doctors and optometrists refer patients to Adair Eyewear  for optician services.

One Word:  Plastics!

The plastic  materials we use allow us to create spectacular lenses for you.  If you want to wear low profile frames and need multifocal lenses, it’s no problem.  Only need single vision lenses but want them thin and light?  Again, no problem.

We all have more choices today  thanks to advanced lens technology.  The new lens materials are what made the new technology possible.

The great thing about it is we can wear light weight eyeglasses with highly sophisticated lens design to meet our individual needs.  And as the premier optical store and eyewear boutique in Fort Worth, we’re proud to make them for you.


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 Update Your Lens IQ

We offer the best materials for making your quality lenses.   The broad categories are plastic and high-index plastic.


Plastic replaced glass as the most common lens material years ago.  It’s clairty is comparable to glass and much lighter.  It also allows for more design possiblities.

Things to know about plastic lens material

  • The most economical lens possible
  • Has excellent optical clairty
  • It can be tinted easily for sunglasses
  • It’s the most common lens material used
  • Drawback:  they become thicker as the prescription power goes higher

High-Index Plastic

The new, top of the line material is called high-index plastic.  It’s what we use for creating highly complex lenses to accommodate different prescriptions and different needs of our client.

Things you should know about high-index plastic

  • Thinnest and lightest of all lenses
  • Up to 65% thinner than plastic, depending on your prescription strenght
  • Can provide 100% protection from sun’s UV rays
  • Anti-reflective coating is important for best performance
  • Drawback:  The higher the index, the higher the cost

Adair Eyewear is Fort Worth’s choice for high end eyewear with thin and light lenses

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