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Lenses Do the Work While Your Eyes Relax

It’s easy to think of us as simply the fashion boutique in town for getting great looking eyewear that makes women look more beautiful and men more handsome.  We like it that people know that about us.

But we’ve earned our excellent professional reputation as a top optician in Fort Worth with the superiority of our lenses.  Our clients also know we are Fort Worth’s best optical stores for fine eyewear.

We use only the best materials and latest technologies to design and build your lenses. As so many of our clients tell us they do, you’ll enjoy a new level of effortless vision.

A Case Study

Jean, a corporate trainer, wanted eyeglasses better than the ones she had that caused eye strain and never really fit her eyes well at all.  “This time I wanted something better, something I could wear without fighting them all day,” she said.

To accommodate her need to read her training notes, then focus on the back of the room while also seeing students to her right and left, all without blurring or losing focus, we fitted her with a more sophisticated lens.


Jean’s New Eyeglasses

Thin&Lite 1.67 High Index Lens

  • Much thinner and lighter
Varilux Progressive Design
  • Clear vision at all distances
Crizal Alize anti-glare treatment
  • Eliminates glare, smudges and scratches
SALT Jane Frame
  • Light weight and very attractive


SALT Jane Frame from Adair Eyewear

SALT Jane Frame

As promised, Jean let us know how well her new eyeglasses worked for her.  She was ecstatic that they made everything she did seem easier.

“I don’t  have to constantly take them on and off as I moved from one task to another anymore.  During my training sessions, I don’t even notice I’m wearing them!

Our clients know we’re more than just another Fort Worth optical store selling glasses.   To them, we’re that boutique that creates effortless vision through beautiful eyewear.


Many Design Options For You

During our consultation with you, we will learn more about your lifestyle and what your needs are.  Some possible options are

  • Varilux Progressive Lenses for no line bifocals and trifocals.
  • DEFINITY Lenses offer new vision possibilities for sports.
  • Polycarbonite lenses for shatter proof, clear vision.
  • High-Index lenses offer new opportunities for fashion and great vision

What You Need To Do Now

Get an Eye Exam.  We specialize in building beautiful eyewear with great lenses…it’s a full time job.   But we have suggestions for you to find a top Fort Worth optometrist.

Learn More About Eye Exams

Come See Us. We can’t wait to meet you and show you why we are considered the best optical store in Fort Worth.

Fort Worth Optometrists refer their patients to us for the benefits of our superior lenses.  It’s how we’ve earned our reputation as the best optician in Fort Worth.

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