Change the Way You See the World

Quality Eyeglass Lenses Make Your  Life Better

Effortless Vision Helps You Glide Through the Day

Few things impact our daily experience as much as our eyeglass lenses. After all, we look through them all day long.

Better quality, well made lenses provide crystal clear vision at any distance and in total comfort.  Seeing becomes easy.

Poor lenses require the wearer to crane their neck, move their head forward or backwards and sometimes to take them off altogether.  Seeing is hard drudgery.

But by coming to Adair, you’ve already made the choice for higher quality lenses and better vision.  Once you’re here, we’ll  help you decide what refinements we should make to fit your needs and lifestyle.

You’ll leave with high-quality eyeglasses that help you glide through your day with effortless vision…and that makes your life better!


How We Make Your Adair Eyeglass Lenses

Best Lens Materials

We use high index plastic which allows us to make you light-weight, thin eyeglass lenses. It also allows light to bend more efficiently. That means we can make you lighter, thinner lenses with seamless transitions from your far, near and in between viewing zones. Lesser lens materials can’t do that.

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 Superior Design

Using your prescription, your personal requirements and the latest fitting technology, we will design your lenses to help you go through the day without you even thinking about your eyeglasses, other than to be impressed with them and maybe to clean them.

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Expert Craftsmanship

Our lens makers have years of experience, a high attention to detail,  and an enormous sense pride of in their work.  They will make sure you have exactly what you need to see your best.